1. Ugly Me

From the recording Ugly Me

This is a song written and co-produced by Eden Vaschon


Verse 1:
Ten years old when I first met you
I was the new kid in town
But we didn’t hang together
Cause you thought it was better
To bully me and tear me down

I could have been your wing man your right hand
I could not understand, why none of that would ever be

Vanity has distorted your reality
Dispute who I was or would grow to be
All you’d ever see was an ugly me

Verse 2:
All the times that you dismissed me
I was trying to be your friend
You would never get to know me
Blinded by the shade of my skin

I could have been the friend to pull from the cold
When alcohol and drugs took hold
But sadly that would never be

Vanity has distorted your reality
Despite the boy I was or the man I’d be
All you’d ever see is an ugly me


I learned long ago
The best scenario
Is you will never know
The best of me
The rest of mans that’s fine with me