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We are currently conducting a nationwide search for a powerful MALE singer, age 18-28, to front our band. Our sound is alternative rock and we are preparing for a showcase for several major recording labels in New York. We will cover travel, room and board expenses for the right fit. We're a brand new band and we're laser focused on getting signed as quickly as possible. We are not interested in endless, low-paying gigs at local establishments or other musicians who just want to "jam". We're an extremely talented group of individuals with success in our sights and willing to search across the nation to find the  a young, modern-day rock singer to help us define our sound. [It is also important to note that if you are a singer/songwriter and you cannot participate in a group where someone else writes 90% of the songs or more, this project is not for you.] This band was created by a Songwriter/Producer to share his material with the world.

If you think you fit the description and have a voice similar to Lou Gramm - (Foreigner), Steve Perry - (Journey) or Chester Bennington - (Linkin Park), or something else just as impressive, please send your audio sample to us at or send us a link to your social media profile or other internet source where we can hear your voice. 

(IMPORTANT: Please do not waste our time sending emails in hope of getting a response that may lead to getting us on the phone for a discussion. All emails without audio samples will be immediately deleted. We will have no discussion with you unless we are interested AFTER hearing your audio sample.)


We are Bad Lemon! A brand new alternative rock/pop band created as a result of songs written by Singer/Songwriter/Producer Eden Vaschon. Stay tuned because we've got some great new music on the way and we're looking forward to sharing it with you. Also, check in frequently as we'll be updating our site with photos and videos of who we are and what we're up to. 

song list:


This song was a gave us a chance to do something fun and not so serious. Written and produced by Eden Vaschon, we used a secret agent theme to express an individual's surprise when he becomes aware of the fact that he's falling in love with someone, rather than his normal routine of sexual hit and run. 


This is a cool new song for those who love a mellow groove with a thick bass!  This song is especially dedicated to all the teenagers who live near the beaches in California, Hawaii and everywhere else around the world! Give it a listen and let us know what you think: (Feedback) 

Sample Music:

Bad Lemon, No Place Like Home


From a growing collection of brand new songs comes this latest release which shines a spotlight on what many kids experience growing up in foster homes, or dealing with parents who are horrible at parenting. Give it a listen and let us know what you think. (Feedback). We also have soooo much more coming after this so stay tuned!

there's so much more coming soon!

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