If you're a singer/songwriter who's been using only
your guitar or piano to write every song
and you'd love to hear your song(s) fully produced,
here's a unique opportunity
to have full production for "FREE"!  
You: "Nah... There must be a catch!"
Us: "Nope! It's real!" 
 It's really that simple.
For more information & discussion,
use the contact form on this site to say hello
or visit the IG profile: @vaschonmusic 
Meanwhile, here are a few production samples
to show what can happen to your song(s):

Sample Clip A (Before)

This is a sample, royalty free guitar clip downloaded from the web before any production.

Sample Clip A (with production)

This is what the same clip sounded like after it was used to write a complete song titled: "Stay Here". (This is the instrumental version of that song.) To hear the full version, click this YouTube link: https://youtu.be/IVLmGI2DL7w

Sample B (before production)

Here again is another royalty free clip downloaded from the web, prior to any production.

Sample B (with production)

Here is the same sample used to write a song titled: "A Boy Like Me". (Notice only the first three chords were used). This recording is an unreleased song with scratch vocals.