Review of Omari Playlist Promotion

I used Omari Playlist Promotion to promote a new dance song I wrote. I was thinking that since they advertise so much about “how to avoid fake playlists”, they would really be different from the others and help me gain some new fans. Yet sure enough, they too were just another frustrating disappointment. I'm going to be as transparent and truthful as possible so that you can all see exactly what happened to me and and judge for yourselves. Here is what they did: 

After collecting my fee and promising to place my song on several playlists, they placed my first dance song on 26 playlists. However, only 6 of those playlists were even remotely relevant to the House Music genre, and not a single was created by a real human curator with a real name. 

Since none of their playlists were created by individual/real curators, I received absolutely no feedback for why any song was/wasn’t added. In fact, they quietly added my song to their strange playlists and said absolutely nothing until I contacted them 10 days later and asked where my song was added if anywhere at all. Only then did they send me a list of where they added my song. Here is the entire list they sent me and the curator names for each playlist: 

  • Undiscovered Pop 2021 – curator: “Undiscovered Music” – 166 followers 
  • Undiscovered Workout Music 2021 – curator: “Undiscovered Music” – 200 followers 
  • Pop Gaming – curator: “Gamer’s Paradise” – 393 followers 
  • Underrated EDM Songs – curator: “Underrated Songs” – 667 followers 
  • House Music You’ll Love – curator: “Music You’ll Love” – 864 followers 
  • EDM Gaming – curator: “Gamer’s Paradise” – 869 followers 
  • Pop Workout – curator: “All Things Workout Music” – 1,095 followers 
  • EDM Music You’ll Love – curator: “Music You’ll Love” – 1,101 followers 
  • Real Pop Music – curator: “Bring Back Real Pop Music” – 1,153 followers 
  • EDM Workout – curator: “All Things Workout Music” – 1,200 followers 
  • Cardio Workout – curator: “All Things Workout Music” – 1,272 followers 
  • Power Workout – curator: “All Things Workout Music” – 1,391 followers 
  • Gym Made Me Do It – curator: “All Things Workout Music” – 1,476 followers 
  • Undiscovered Gym Music 2021 – curator: “Undiscovered Music” – 1,562 followers 
  • REAL Dance Music – curator: “Bring Back Real Music” – 1,612 followers 
  • Dance Classics – curator: “Future Classics” – 1,799 followers 
  • Running Workout – curator: “All Things Workout Music” – 2,226 followers 
  • Pumping Iron – curator: “All Things Workout Music” – 2,816 followers 
  • REAL EDM – curator: “Bring Back Real Music” – 2,975 followers 
  • Gym Music You’ll Love – curator: “Music You’ll Love – 3,434 followers 
  • Gym Music: The Perfect Playlist – curator: “Perfect Playlists” – 4,123 followers 
  • Treino – curator: “All Things Workout Music” – 4,591 followers 
  • Undiscovered Gems 2021 – curator: “addthismusic” – 8,988 followers 
  • Workout Music You’ll Love – curator: “Music You’ll Love” – 13,532 
  • Best Workout Playlists 2021 – curator: “TYTAN Universal Media” – 17,635 

Now when you start looking closely as what they did for us, you’ll see plenty of things wrong with this picture, (despite the last playlist having 17,635 followers. First, let’s look at the curators listed above. Here is a second list of those same curators above and the number of followers they have for their individual Spotify profiles: 

  • Undiscovered Music – 355 followers 
  • Gamer’s Paradise – 77 followers 
  • Underrated Songs – 69 followers 
  • Music You’ll Love – 714 followers 
  • Gamer’s Paradise – 77 followers 
  • All Things Workout Music – 162 followers 
  • Bring Back Real Music – 1,202 followers 
  • Undiscovered Music – 355 followers 
  • Future Classics – 125 followers 
  • Perfect Playlists – 682 followers 
  • addthismuisc – 4,419 followers 
  • TYTAN Universal Media - 293 followers 
  • Your Music Place - 4,783 followers 

Just one look at these profiles and it’s clear to see that none of these are real people or even real companies. These are digital creations made up by Omari Promotion Services and/or their associates for the purpose of giving your music ("STREAMS"). When you’re an artist your ultimate goal is to create and grow a (“fan base”). Not gain a bunch of pointless streams on Spotify! Too many of these playlist promoters fail to understand this, primarily because they don’t give a shit! Here are a few screenshots of several of their playlists and curator profiles for those playlists:

Just in case you're extremely new to all of this and haven't seen any real playlists or curator profiles, this is what they (should) look like:

The playlists above are created by ("real people") with real names, real faces, and real followers. People who an artist can recruit as fans, fill the seats at their concerts & performances and purchase their band merchandise. Pointless "streams" mean nothing and do nothing for artists. This is what has makes me so f*ckin frustrated with these screwed up services that fool so many people and take their money.  

We artists need REAL people who actually like and give a shit about our music and our artistry. Omari is not here to help anyone with that. This is a highly polished scam with heavily rotated advertisements. If you’re genre of music is Alternative Rock, Country, Dance, Hip Hop or anything else, Omari will be sure to toss your song into one or several of these generic (workout or gaming, automated playlists; considering their “non-genre-specific” factor as enough to justify taking your money. 

No artist should pay for any playlist that has less than 5k followers and/or isn't created by a verifiable REAL PERSON with real followers. Real people need to promote their playlists just as much as artists need to promote their music. The name of the playlist and the artwork for a playlist is crucial for the promotion of that playlist - UNLESS the list is automated - then the playlist name, curator name, lack of images or information in the curator's profile and the dumb artwork for the playlist don't matter because it's all created just to suck up your money and give you a few pointless numeric results while doing absolutely nothing for your career.

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