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We've never used this service, but after taking an objective look at what they offer on their site, here is what we found:

  • Only has two testimonials on their website. No other reviews can be found anywhere else. They have 5 reviews on by people that no one can confirm are real customers or even real people and they averaged 3.5 stars among that small collection. 
  • Supposedly shows three images of their “staff” but with no real way to find these people on any other social media site, it’s impossible to tell whether or not even these images are fake. They don’t tell you anyone’s last name or any other social media contact to help confirm that the so-called staff is real. If they truly wanted to reveal their (“staff”), then they should reveal them fully so that anyone can find them on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or ANYWHERE other than on their site. Otherwise, it just looks like another nice piece of doctored bullshit to convince people that they're trustworthy.
  • ​​​​​​​They do not reveal any of the basic or playlist information (before you buy). Remember, we don't need them to reveal full playlist and curator contact information, but they should at least tell us: 
  1. If our song be added to a collection of playlists with small audiences? 
  2. Will the playlists be well over 3-4 hours long? 
  3. Will the playlists truly be fitting for the genre and style of your music?  

** Should you choose to use their service, all of these questions will remain, as you blindly pay them your money and trust them to make the right choices for you. 

Their Spotify playlist promotional services are set up by selling their artists, “streams”: (3k-5k streams for $49; 7k-10k streams for $99; 20k-25k streams for $200). *** This should give any smart artist pause, because the (goal) is two-fold. Not only do we want to have our songs added to legitimate playlists which we can visually see on Spotify ourselves, we definitely DON’T want (streams) created by “bots”. Which will hurt our accounts and get us booted off of the Spotify platform. When we are able to visually see the Spotify playlists which host our music, we are better able to determine who our audience members are, and devise ways of growing our fan base. No one simply wants "streams" from an unknown source and then have it all disappear after a few weeks our a couple months.

SUMMARY:  This music promotion service seems to be too new, with too many red flags and too few non-partial reviews to be trusted by any artist. With so many scams out there, why place your bet on an “questionable service”? If any verifiable artist out there has used this service with good results, please let us know.

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