The Bad Lemon Story

Bad Lemon is songwriter Eden Vaschon and his fellow musicians, singers, producers and engineers. Our group was created during the early part of the 2020 COVID lockdown and we’ve been working together remotely since then. We create something that we call “non-conforming pop music”. Hence, the name “Bad Lemon”. We’re not bitter. Just not so sweet.


Much of our music format and styling may seem familiar, but the topics of the songs are what make our music unique. Rather than write (every song) about heterosexual relationships, we choose to say what hasn’t been said, needs to be said and/or highlight subjects pertaining to a large group of people around the world who are rarely mentioned in mainstream pop music. 


That being said, our overall genre is “pop”. However, we have some pretty strong influences from the worlds of house music, rock, alternative rock, country and soul. Also, since we are currently a small collection of artists, you can expect our sound to vary from track to track. So come take a journey with us and expect something completely different from song to song. We feel confident you’ll hear something you like, and we hope you’ll hear something you love!